The rules are as simple as in “regular” football. There are two major exceptions to the procedures known from the popular game: the player who has lost his shoe must leave the pitch; players without a sense of humour are not let in.

The team consists of 12 players, on the pitch at the same time may only be six (goalkeeper and five field players). Substitutions can be made without limits. One team’s shirts may have different logos but they should have the same colour. The match consists of two halves (each approx. 12 minutes, with a short break). Swamp players always emphasize that they play for fun, making the occasion a great joy not just for themselves, but also for the audience.

Swamp football was officially born in Finland, and currently is most popular in Russia, Holland, Brazil, Sweden, Iceland and the UK. The pitch for this sport can be prepared almost anywhere, with a little effort – you only need two goals and mud turf.