The rules of the game are as simple as in “regular” football. There are two exceptions to the football rules:
■ whoever loses the shoe, leaves the playing field
■ players with no sense of humor are banned from participation in swam soccer championships/ competitions

There are 12 players in a team. At the same time there can be 6 players on the pitch (goalkeeper and five players). There is no limit on changes in line-ups, “hockey system”.

Every team is free to choose an outfit, provided that all the team members have shirts in the same colour.

The match consists of two half-times – each half lasts about 12 minutes, with a 5-minute break.

Throw-in, free kick and penalty kick are performed with hand.

The optimal size of the pitch is 30 x 60 meters, but smaller pitches are allowed because the swam soccer should be pure joy and fun – and that excludes restrictions 🙂

It is permissible, and sometimes even recommended, to pour the pitch with water while playing. Depth and consistency of the mud depends on the place where the competition takes place.