The history of Polish swamp soccer began in 2011. You can argue whether the first Polish swamp soccer team was formed … in Cracow, Szczecin or Krasnobród, but the first competition took place in 2011. Zbyszek Masternak and Tomek Pakuła (Krasnobród) and their Polish Swamp Soccer Association BKS Roztocze greatly contributed to the development of the discipline in Poland. Thanks to the Zbyszek’s and Tomek’s effort, passion and commitment it was possible to organize the Polish Swamp Soccer Championship, and Krasnobród for three years became the capital city of Polish swamp soccer. What is more, we should appreciate team from Błotnowola (the Polish Cup- Piotrek Otręba and Łukasz Gajek), from Częstochowa and Blachownia (Polish Championships 2014), Rafał Polak (swamp soccer promoter in Szczecin), Krzysztof Całek (swamp soccer promoter in Cracow), swamp soccer players form Białystok and Podlasie- Maciej Rant and Piotr Bendiuk (Podlasie Cup, Swampions Legaue) and Jacek Borowski as well as Marcin Błażyński (organizer of Polish Championship in Biszcza). As you can see, there have been a lot of things going on for the past few years … but it could have been much more. This proves that it has failed to lead to a massive swamp soccer boom. As you know, the swamp soccer is based on a great sense of humour and optimism, which is why we hope that this year will be a breakthrough. The invasion continues, and we all together are writing the story of our beloved discipline 🙂

* I Polish Championships in Krasnobród (3 teams participated)
1st place: BKS Roztocze Krasnobród, 2nd place : Arsenal Lublin, 3rd place:  BKS Roztocze Krasnobród II
* I Szczecin Championships in Swamp Soccer 2011
1st place: AZS niSzczec,  KS Wyszka
* participation of S.W.A.M.P  team from Cracow in World Championships in Scotland

* II Polish Championships  (18 teams participated)
Male category – 1st place Gepard Rakovia Rakówka, 2nd place OAKP Arsenal Lublin, 3rd place Torfowy Rycerz Aptel Białystok
Mixed category-  1st place BKS Roztocze Krasnobród, 2nd place Kroczek Zamość
Female category- 1st place BKS Roztocze Krasnobród, 2nd place  MKS Pogoń Tyszowce
* I Swamp Soccer Polish Cup in Zamość
1st place: BKS Roztocze, 2nd place: Błotne Orły Błotnowola, 3rd place: Da Grasso Chełm/Zamość
* swamp soccer competitions during the III Swamp Sports Festival in Szczecin
1st place: BKS Pszczeliniec Roztocze, 2nd place: KS Motocyklowe.pl Wyszka

* III Polish Championships (16 teams participated)
Male category – 1st place: Torfowy Rycerz Aptel Białystok, 2nd place: LC Chełm, III Żirądin Błoteux Częstochowa
Female category – 1st place Ramis Women Białystok
Mixed category – 1st place: Krzym Team Podlasie Wasilków, 2nd place: BKS Roztocze Krasnobród, 3rd place: Ramis Białystok
* II Polish Cup in Błotnowola (6 teams participated)
1st place: Gepard Rakovia Rakówka, 2nd place: Żirądin Błoteaux Częstochowa, 3rd place: BKS Roztocze Krasnobród

* IV Polish Championships in Blachownia
Male category – 1st place: Torfowy Dr Tusz Białystok, 2nd place: LZS Błotne Żółwie Blachownia, 3rd place: Fasolex All Stars Brzostków
Mixed category – 1st place: Żirądin Błotneaux Częstochowa, 2nd place: Krzym Team Wasilków, 3rd place: Wajcha i Przyjaciele
* III Polish Cup in Błotnowola (8 teams participated)
1st place: LC Chełm, 2nd place: Torfowy DrTusz Białystok, 3rd place: All Stars Brzostków
* Podlasie Cup in Suraż (8 teams participated)
1st place: Pub Brama Białystok, 2nd place: Znicz Suraż, 3rd place: Torfowy DrTusz
* Tournament in Olsztyn during Kortowiada 2014 (yearly student carnival of University of Warmia and Mazury)
* participation of the unofficial Polish national team in the European Championships in Belgium in a mixed category – Poles took the 2nd place


* Swamp Soccer World Cup (Istambul, Turkey)
1st place – Torfowy DrTUSZ Białystok
* Swamp Soccer Polish Cup (Błotnowola)
2nd place – Koło PTTK Połaniec, 3rd place- LC Chełm
* Swampions Soccer League (Czeremcha)
* V Swamp Soccer Polish Championship (Biszcza)
1st place – BKP GEPARD RAKOVIA ZAWADKA, 2nd place – ORZEŁ KLESZCZELE, 3rd place – LC CHEŁM
* I Swamp Cup
Category: Boys up to 14 years old
1st place: FC Classico, 2nd place: Dzikie Trampki, 3rd place: KS Pomidors
Category: Boys up to 21 years old
1st place: The-Naturat Kąkolewo, 2nd place: Mongolscy Przemytnicy Rzeżuchy, 3rd place: FC Dzikie Śiwnie
Category: women
1st place: Królowe Błota, 2nd place: Błotne Królewny
Category: Guys over 21 years old
1st place: MKS Siekiera Piła, 2nd place: Błotne Nurki, 3rd place: Błotne Snopy
* II Swamp Cup (Kuźnica Zbąska)
Category: women
1st place – Czarne Mamby, 2nd place – Królowe Błota
Category: men
1st place – The-Naturat Kąkolewo, 2nd place – Błotne Nurki, 3rd place – MKS Siekiera Piła


*  Swamp Soccer World Championship in Finland
Torfowy DrTusz Białystok as the first team to play matches on the cult Finnish mud, they leave the group without a loss of goal, but unfortunately in the next round they lose 1-0 and are eliminated from the competition
* Swampions Soccer League (Czeremcha)
Category: WOMEN
1st place: RAMIS WOMAN,  2nd place:  BŁOTNE KSIĘŻNICZKI, 3rd place: BABSKI TEAM
Category: MEN
1st place: OLD BOYS CZEREMCHA, 2nd place: DR TUSZ BIAŁYSTOK, 3rd place:  SZCZUCZYN (BLR)
* Polish Championships – there was a bizarre situation, two tournaments were to take place … in the end, there was one in Tuczna, the teams’ line-ups were totally pared (in some teams there were women and children), LC Chełm took the 1st place.
* Polish Cup in Błotnowola
1st place: FC Rebeliant Heaven Kraków, 2nd place: RKS Rakovia Rakówka, 3rd place: Torfowy Dr Tusz Białystok

* Swampions Soccer League- did not take place
* Swamp Soccer Tournament in Czeremcha
1st place: Old Boys Czeremcha
Polish Cup in Błotnowola
1st place: Rakovia Gepard Rakówka, 2dn place: Roztoczem Krasnobród, 3rd place: OSP w Kargów
Polish Championships in Biszcza
1st place: OSP Kargów, 2nd place: Torfowy DrTusz Białystok, 3rd place: Szybcy i wściekli z Cieszkowy